Artist talk and video screening – Marie Julia Bollansee

Talk and video screening by Belgian performance and video artist Marie Julia Bollansee on November 12, 6:45 pm.

Marie Julia Bollansee
Marie Julia Bollansee

Marie Julia Bollansée’s work is about people, about their lives and deaths and about the quest in the no man’s land in between. The physical is a constant factor in Marie Julia Bollansée’s work, as she was trained as a classic sculptor.

Collaborations with others are weaving through her mostly solitary body of work. Her video performances and performances show a poetic simplicity. They grow out of a constant observing and perceiving. The engine of her work is the always present and never ceasing sensitivity with which she stands in life. Video is her Carrara marble. There is a lot of light in it, and she sculpts with it. The skin is the bearer of her work, her body as a mediator. She often underlines the sensitivity of the porousious border between inner and outer world by using a colour surface of pure pigment on her skin. When Marie Julia Bollansée wears a dress, it is spun and knit in pure sheep wool. She handles the spinning of wool as a soft sculptural practice, and as a way of meditating and mental healing. The last two years she is creating cutting edge video works in which she brings together projections of moving images she records outside, and silent intimate performance.

Maria Julia Bollansee
Maria Julia Bollansee

Resident artist at WAA Residency, Marie Julia Bollansée is working in Mumbai these days. Marie Julia Bollansée was born in 1960 in Belgium, where she lives and works in the village Westmalle, in the Antwerp area. She teaches sculpture at the Hiberniaschool, Antwerp. Among her recent shows in 2014 are: THREADS at Museum Arnhem, the Netherlands, ANTHROPOCOSMOS at Maison de la Culture Namur, Belgium and BETWEEN WORLDS at Westland Crematory Lochristi, Belgium.

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