The Cocoon Project-By Sherry Aliberti

Sherry Aliberti is an architect and performance artist from Brooklyn, NYC whose current artistic practice manifests as interactive performed-installations. These are realized collaboratively as architecture life-forms (the Cocoon Project) or individually in haphazard energetic rituals.

The Cocoon Project is a multi-disciplinary performance using the handcrafted fabric Cocoon with movers, live projected visuals and soundscape. Performers use gestures, poses and noises to express ideas about form and movement in space and memory. Performances interact with projected video, live music and the audience. Sherry performed at alternative spaces and venues around the city such as, The Hive a community organization in Bandra.

Sherry was with WAA for a 1 month long residency. During her time in Mumbai at WAA she explored the city and her surroundings and opened her studio space to host workshops with people as a way of experiencing the city and its people.  She met and collaborated with artists across varied mediums to add different dimensions to her practice to bring to it a different visual connotation.

Sherry’s practice is very open to interpretations of many kinds, Making room for interactions with the local community in public sites around the city fringes.

Worli Sea face, Photo-Dheer Kaku, Mumbai 2015
Worli Sea face, Photo-Dheer Kaku, Mumbai-2015
Ambush,  Bandra Band stand, Mumbai 2015
Ambush, Bandra Band stand, Mumbai-2015
Rachana Sansad College of Fine Arts and Crafts,Interactive workshop, Mumbai 2015 Interactive workshop
Rachana Sansad College of Fine Arts and Crafts, Interactive workshop, Mumbai-2015 
Ambush at Deepak Talkies, Photo by Vanessa Vettorello,Mumbai 2015
Ambush at Deepak Talkies, Photo by Vanessa Vettorello,Mumbai-2015
Interactive workshop with Contact  Improvisation , Mumbai
Interactive workshop with Contact Improvisation, Mumbai-2015

Sherry continues to travel around india for a few more months exploring city’s with her project,to see more updates visit :

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