Tamaris Borrelly

Artist Tamaris Borrelly weaves together two different worlds of existence, life that is fictional and non fictional, that which she experiences, sees, touches and studies in nature. Her work is a coming together of two different mediums, watercolor drawings and 2D animation in the form of a video. The combination of these two medium helps her play and experiment with her themes. Natural Forms and landscapes are common threads in her drawings and animation that depicts life. She experimented with terracotta as a way to mold forms from her drawing into 3 dimensional works.

During her time in India Tamaris travelled to islands in the Andaman. The discovery of the underworld life and the impact it had on her inspired her to work on independent drawings along with series of drawings. The series of drawings were on different paper, which enhanced the narrative further. One of the series was on different under sea creatures for which she used black thin Japanese paper.


The second series of drawings was on the idea of the deformation of a community of different living forms on a tanned blue shading off paper. The blue is a representation of the cosmos or the sea.

In these six drawings the bodies, animals or plant life disappear slowly from the left to the right, to reach the stage of abstract forms.


The last drawing series was an exploration map, which were created on various sized paper.


Alongside these explorations with water colour drawings and animation, Tamaris spent a few days at Rashi Jain’s pottery studio situated in Mankhurd Mumbai, learning the properties of terracotta as a natural material

Rashi Jain.jpg
Studio Karva – Mankhurd


Studio Karva – Mankhurd

The 2-month residency culminated at a lovely gathering for an open studio hosted at Coral Studio Bandra. The evening at Coral Studio was to commemorate the 2-month long residency of artists in residence, Tamaris Borrelly, and Mahana Delacour, Mumbai based artist Shambhavi Bhat & guest performer Rati Tripathi presented their recent work as well.

An interesting evening of Performances, Video & Installation followed, with some of their visual artworks displayed on the walls at Coral studio. Here are a few pictures of the Open studio.

Video screening of ‘Orphism’ at Coral Studio- Bandra 


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