Preksha Tater

Surat based artist, Preksha Tater, was an artist in residence with us for the month of April. During her time at WAA, she explored the notion of of space as both a physical and virtual concept through various disciplines like drawing, installation and sculpture.

She follows a process of trial and error in her art making, using materials in innovative and experimental ways. As she lived in her studio space, the lines between living and art making began to blur and as a result, so did her work. Inviting others to engage with her work was also an invitation into her living quarters, creating an intimate and almost private way to access art.




Preksha often uses cloth and methods of dyeing in her work. At the end of her residency, she created a site specific installation in her studio using fabric and natural dyes. The strips of fabric that lined the room and furniture was evocative of a womb-like cityscape that was evocative of her time in Mumbai.


Studio visit with Hena Kapadia


Visit by members of Carpe Arte

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