To feel a thread’s emotion

Moumita Das, recipient of this year’s Inlaks Fine Art Award was in residence at WAA for the month of April.

She writes, “I construct abstract forms, ‘fragments’, to highlight the beauty found in the inherent processes of ageing and decay. The core theme of my work is colour, texture and surface, strongly influenced by nature. I like to see it as nature, but always in a different way. Information and data collection are the first stage in my work process. And after that, through permutation & combination I try to put together all the information collected and convert it into a visual format through the use of Fibre art.”

Circles and ovals feature strongly in her work as it is a form that starts and finishes at the same point. From the cycle of the moon to the shape of the egg, these forms are in nature and all around us. IMG_8734

Using her drawings as a starting point, she then experiments with different fibres to construct large scale sculptural forms.

“For me fibre art symbolises what it feels like to feel the thread’s emotion, colour and texture. In my work sometimes, I used readymade materials like metal sheets and metal pipes, juxtaposing them with softer materials like, cotton fabric, wool and jute, in order to express soft and hard feelings of mine through my work.”



Using Mumbai as a muse, Moumita incorporated materials like fishing nets, fish hooks and wire to evoke the city’s sea-faring and harbour history.



Interacting with Hena Kapadia and members of Carpe Arte


Moumita with Fibre and Tapestry artist Monika Correa


Preksha and Moumita’s visit to CONA

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