Monsoon Artists in Residence

Over the monsoon months this year, WAA had three young Indian artists take up residency:

Formerly trained in painting, Starlyn D’Souza has experimented with assemblage using organic detritus found along the coastlines of India along with fragments collected during the act of eating to form unique and unfamiliar creatures.
Starlyn also works with intricate drawings and ink spills that revolve around the idea of growth and decay as physical transformation and as the possibility of new life.




Radhika Wader’s work is a visual documentation of Confusion, Curiosities, Questions, Introspection, Solutions about the universe. Why it is as it is? and why we exist at all?
Radhika‘s aim as an artist is to primarily be an inventor of innovative forms-where she is always in search of new routes to express feelings and ideas that reside in all of us. Her process of working is instinctual where she starts drawing with various materials like ink , coal tar mixed with pigments and organic deposits on random sizes and surfaces. The process ends with Patina treatment and with application of Gold and Silver which constantly keeps her rooted with the existential past.
“All works hold a memory which is different and always growing. Sometimes though the works tells me nothing for a long time, but then suddenly one day it tells me something magical.” says Radhika. 

Meghna Patpatia trained in Painting at Sir. J.J School of Art. Her practice currently involves exploring the concept of changing landscapes with linear ink drawings and mixed mediums. Through detailed drawings and layers with references to traditional art historical practices, she creates an atmosphere within her works that reflect her observations. Her interest lies in visually understanding a change in habitat, landscape and the contrast in our existence with other beings on earth. The drawings are visual explorations of the natural realm and man-made establishment coexisting with one another. The conscious observe the artificial and the growth patterns that emerge from the two synergizing. Natural life forms witness the evolution of landscape and the change in their surroundings every day which they adjust to whether they like it or not. The linear forms she explores are creatures/living beings that have a luminescent fragility and the strong mechanical harshness of material that is man-made. Exploring the contradiction of both is what she is attempting to discover in her work.




Their residencies culminated in a open studio which saw artists, art enthusiasts, gallerists and other practitioners attend.


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