Altered Memories

In November, WAA welcomed Goan artist Diptej Vernekar, an Inlaks Fine Arts awardee.
His work involves the alteration of memory and fragments and deals with the perception of meanings, space and conclusions which are ambiguous in nature.
The idea of alteration comes from the daily negotiation of people according to their own setup and the daily transformation of spaces and objects within these lived spaces. These environments  hold certain memories of human negotiation from which Diptej  develops into metaphorical meanings, forming a conceptual mould to his practice that sometimes translates poetically, forming mystical drawings or sculptural works and sometimes video.

Taking inspiration from his surroundings in the studio, the residency apartment and the little lanes of Bandra, Diptej developed an intricate body of work using charcoal drawings and video projection.

His charcoal drawings are of the everyday objects found in these surroundings which he then zoomed into, creating large scale detailed images that at first glance, resembled landscapes of other worlds. Upon closer inspection, one realises that they are merely looking at one fragment of objects that we would otherwise ignore. Using video to project his films over his drawings, Diptej juxtaposes the outside worlds of his films over the minute detail of the banal objects.




Diptej held an open studio with members of Carpe Arte who came to interact with him and his practice.




Photos taken by Laura Bellucci.

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