WAA Open Studio 2018

For the second consecutive year, WAA is taking part in Mumbai Gallery Weekend’s collateral program with its annual Open Studio. This year, the Open Studio will feature practices that all have an element of interaction that invite audiences to engage with the artwork and challenge the dynamic of looking at art and the role of the viewer. The Open Studios are an opportunity for art enthusiasts to interact with and see the works of WAA’s artists in residence. The aim is to encourage dialogue and a deeper understanding of the artists’ processes of making.

The artists taking part this year are: Inlaks awardee, Sanket Jadia; CALQ 2017 recipients, Pat Dionne and Miki Gringas; Gayatri Kodikal; Afrah Shafiq; Ruchi Bakshi Sharma and curator, Gitanjali Dang.

Sanket Jadia
A multidisciplinary experimentation with both medium and form is integral to the nature of Sanket’s artistic practice. Each work is conceived in the form of an inquiry, with a conscious attempt to intervene in the existing modes of meaning production. His artistic practice relies on the inherent creative possibilities that art facilities; he has evolved particular strategies of intervention through which he pose questions that have no immediate conclusions, but open out multiple and layered possibilities of contemplation.

Residual Gaze , Sanket JadiaPat Dionne & Miki Gingras
Pat & Miki create photographic works that inspire and testify to the relationship of the individual with his environment. In all their projects, the artists integrate the participation of the subject, which manifests itself in various ways such as staging, testimonies or taking pictures. The process becomes an exchange, giving the subject the opportunity to speak, with their testimonies becoming the inspiration. The resulting photographic compositions are intended as poetic and playful allegories, presented in the form of narrative tableaux composed of reality and fiction.

Namaste, documentation of process, Milan Samvaad, Pat & Miki

Gayatri Kodikal
Gayatri Kodikal is based in India; her work in experimental films, games and sound engages with research material as an extension of her practice across mediums . She is an alumni of NID Ahmedabad, where she started experiments with narrative and technology. Currently she is working on the board game TTH:SPUMM, The Travelling Hand: Smelling Palimpsests Under Moonlit Mangroves.
The game has been supported by the Arts Practice grant from India Foundation for the Arts, underwritten by Tata Steel. Previously, she was part of the first edition of the Game Residency at Khoj International Artists Association, where she developed the video game prototype TTH:ALDAS,The Travelling Hand: A Ludic Dream Across the Sea. Here, the dreaming self and waking self work together to reveal and open up trails in an open game world.


Afrah Shafiq
Afrah Shafiq lives and works in the world of documentary film and visual art sometimes as artist, editor, writer, and designer and at other times as manager, producer and facilitator. She has a special interest in animation, multimedia, remix, folklore and dreams. When she is not glued to a computer, she makes glass mosaics.

Prologue, screen shot frmo Sultana's Reality, Afrah Shafiq

Ruchi Bakshi Sharma
Ruchi Bakshi Sharma studied Communication Design at the National Institute of Design and has directed several award winning live action and stop-motion shorts. She works with multiple mediums – Lenticulars, paper assemblages inside shadow boxes, video, optical and animating toys, kaleidoscopes out of recycled materials, jointed paper puppets for beginning story tellers, illustrated puzzles and handmade zines in collaboration with young kids. Play and motion are dominant elements in her work.

stitched cabinetman

Gitanjali Dang
Gitanjali Dang is a curator, writer and shape-shifter. In 2012, she founded Khanabadosh, an itinerant arts lab. Khanabadosh lives off latitude, magic and agnosticism, and is interested in everything. It is particularly interested in constantly rethinking what it—and everything around it—is about. In 2015, Khanabadosh, in collaboration with Institute for Contemporary Art Research (IFCAR), Zurich University of the Arts, cofounded Draft, which explores contemporary art that produces, contributes to or provokes public debate. Gitanjali lives and loves in Mumbai and wherever else this living, and loving might take her.

Our current programs are supported by ArtC, Québec in IndiaConseil des arts et des lettres du Québec, Inlaks Shivadasani Foundation, India Foundation for the ArtsWhistling Woods InternationalBhavishyavani Future SoundzPro Helvetia New Delhi – Swiss Arts Council.

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