Sarita Chouhan

Mumbai based artist Sarita Chouhan joined WAA for a month long residency in December 2018 where she developed her project Seed/Core Within. She also took part in the Annual Open Studio 2019.

Seed/Core Within

Seed/Core Within is a series of drawings with threads stitched onto layers of fabric, mounted on hoops that come together in Sarita’s present body of work. Extending her drawing practice to embroidery, slowly and gradually stitch by stitch she brings out forms that embrace feminine energy. These works are a celebration of feminine spirit with all its rawness and beauty, vulnerability and strength, suffering and endurance, love and nurturing. The forms are stitched using torn fabric and thread leading to these random strokes of lines and dashes that come from an intuitive process of doing, undoing and redoing.

The repetitive process of creating similar patterns here embody the sacredness of a seed and the core, the spirit within. The seed, symbolic of feminine energy within us, is a compact form of mighty force: from a tiny little seed, a large tree grows and on it flowers bloom. This work, Sarita says, is an homage to one such Gulmohar tree, with its flowers in full bloom, it stood gigantic and graceful, spreading so much beauty and joy that when the flowers fell it was like an offering to the earth.

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