Island of Bandra

“Island of Bandra” is an ongoing project by Mumbai based artist Nirvaiir Nath.

Having Graduated with a BFA in painting from Rachana Sansad AFAC, Nirvaiir went on to open and manage “Coral Studios” where he curated events around music and art while pursuing his own studio practice. He currently works as a concept artist for Yashraj films.

While at WAA, Nirvaiir further developed his personal project, one that aims to explore the relationship between food, body, mind and place through food, drawings, props, costume, sound and performance. Set in a mise-en-scene manner, the project aims to bring all of these elements together to tell the story of three characters inhabiting a semi- fictional “Island of Bandra”.

During the open studio, Nirvaiir shared work created thus far for the project and used it as an opportunity to share ideas and get feedback from the visitors. To create an immersive environment for visitors to enter into, he brought in the element of smell using foods like biryani, roast chicken and other cooked meats that gave the studio an aura of over indulgence and over consumption, something he relates the current situation if Bandra to.






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